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Escape Reality

21 April 1983
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My name is Juan Caballero Jr., I'm a toris, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women. ;)

Okay joking aside, I grew up with a big imagination and it mostly got me in trouble at school. I tried drawing, but then I relized my drawings suck and decided to let my imagination be expressed through my words because I was better at telling stories.

I try to get on with more ideas as writer and create my own stories, but a part of me has that what if.... factor. This is mostly why I joined lj to creat some crossovers or original fiction involving some of my favorite charactors from diffrent feilds of the imagination.

Another thing you should know about me is I love comic books, video games and anime. So when I write I try to bring them into the mix. But I also tend to by realistic with it as well, so I don't go too far.

(Just to clearfy I am a dude, and I don't swing that way. So I don't like reading male slash fic. No offense, but I just don't want to paint that picture with my mind.)

30 days of night, 300, abby sciuto, aliens, andromeda, anime, any music but country, aqua teen hunger force, army of darkness, assassin's creed, avatar, avp, batman, black lagoon, blade, blood +, breaking benjamin, bruce campbell, bruce lee, buffy: the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, charmed, choppers, code monkeys, comic books, cordelia chase, cordelia/xander, daredevil, darkwatch, dave matthews band, dc comics, dead or alive, deadliest warrior, death note, deathstroke, devil may cry, district 9, doom, dragon age:origins, dragon ball z, equilibrium, eureka 7, evil dead, fallout, family guy, fantastic four, fantasy, farscape, final fantasy, firefly, freaknik: the musical, futurama, g.i. joe, gambit/rouge, george lopez, ghost in the shell, ghost rider, ginger snaps, god of war, green lantern, gunsmith cats, he-man, hellboy, hellsing, hercules: the legendary journeys, highlander, horror, hulk, indiana jones, invader zim, iron man, james cameron's avatar, jeff dunham, johnny the homicidal maniac, killswitch engage, krav maga, let the rightone in, lord of the rings, manga, marvel, mass effect, metalocalypse, michael jackson, mma, mortal kombat, mystery science theater 3000, ncis, oakland raiders, phantasm, predator, prince nuada, prince of persia, psi-ops: the mindgate conspiracy, punisher, puppet master, rambo, reaper, resident evil, robot chicken, romy, rouge/gambit, sanctuary, scanners, scary things, sci-fi, silent hill, smallville, sons of anarchy, soul calibur, south park, spawn, spider-man, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stephen lynch, street fighter, suikoden 3, suikoden 4, suikoden 5, supernatural, tekken, the avengers, the boondock saints, the crow, the divine comedy, the flash, the goon, the legend of zelda, the lost boys, the punisher, the simpsons, they live, three days grace, thundercats, transformers, v for vendetta, vampire hunter d, vampires, video games, watchmen, werewolves, wolverine, wonder woman, writing, x-men, xander harris, xander/cordelia, xena: warrior princess